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I am currently a sophomore, majoring in the Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington.


January 2020 - Present Technical Support Assistant, UT Arlington

• Providing Technical support and solve issues related to IT for UT Arlington.
• Working with the foreign language and College of Architecture, Planning and Public department of Technology department of OIT to complete the Windows 10 migration project and transition from hard disk drive to solid state drives.
• Managing Service Now tickets, CrashPlan (A backing up software), Images of Windows & macOS.
• Managing the encryption process using SecureDoc(AES 256-bit encryption).

Summer 2019 Web Developer, Success Marketing

• Worked as a web developer to build a tool to facilitate and increase the sales by adding information and images of their inventory and improve their market reach by 60% which increased their revenue by 20%.
• Increased the company’s visibility globally. Created web application using React.js, CSS, and google APIs.


CSE Major, Class of 22!

I am a Maverick Academic Scholarship reciepient.

Here's my resume

My Projects

November 2019 Finviser – HackTX'19 UT Austin

FinVisor is a personalized financial adviser android application that keeps a track of your gross income and spendings. Managing personal finances is a tough task for many people. Credit cards and debt make it easy for people to overspend, so our app provides users with financial advice based on their monthly expenses and balance so that they stay informed at all times and make good decisions.

• Deployed a Web App using Mongo DB, React.js, Python, and Flask to help people manage their finances.
• Created a finance advisor chatbot with IBM’s Watson AI on Bluemix, IBM’s cloud service with Slack’s API.

October 2019 My Blood – HackUTA'19 UT Arlington

My Blood Locates Nearest Hospital for Volunteers Donating Blood-Based on Geographic Coordinates.

• Deployed a Web App using Mongo DB, React.js, Python, and Flask to help volunteers and Hospitals login.

January 2019 Fotention – TamuHack'19 Texas A&M College Station

Fotention tells people to get off the phone and focus on what they can do without a phone (spending time with families, friends, hobbies,...). The app will reward user points base on how long they stay off the phone. And finally, the user then can use points to trade goods (coupons, flight tickets, cash,....).

• Helped with the UI + coding the web-app side using React.js

May 2018 - July 2018 Parallel Parking helper for vehicles

• Created laser-guided hardware for automobiles which helps them park parallelly.
• Coded Arduino with C for detecting the edges of the vehicle.

Fall 2018 - Present Class Projects

• Vending Machine Software (C++) - A vending machine controller code that can deploy items, change, w/ refil functions etc. all coded using OOP.
• Character Guessing Game (C++. GTKMM) - Basic GUI based character guessing game where all elements are rendered using C++ code and GTKMM libraries.
• Lyrics Guessing Game (C) - Typing based lyrics guessing game with points system, multiple levels, lives, etc.
• Movie Theater Chain Management Software (C) - A complete solution for ticket sales across multiple locations with multiple movies on multiple screens.
• Restaurant Order Management Software (C) - A complete solution for a small restaurant for order management and money management.
• Ascii Drawing Tool (C) - A simple drawing tool that takes in any 3 letters and renders them on a canvas using the users choice of ASCII characters.
• GPA Calculator (Java) - Basic GPA calculator based on UTA's grading poicies.
• Data Sort/Filter/Search (Java) - An extensive sort/filter/search program that takes in a text file, arranges it in arrays and outputs it in a text file based on options chosen by the user.



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